#BeingDadMeans No.002

Torn jeans used to be cool, in my book. A strategic snip here and a designer cut there, just to show everyone how much of a shit you didn’t give. Oh yes, those were the days.
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#BeingDadMeans No.001

I am trying out a new weekly feature today called #BeingDadMeans.

Sometimes you’re able to step back from a moment and think, “wow, this really is what it means to be a dad”. That moment can be banal or amazing, joyous or soul-destroying – but there’s no denying it when it comes along.

I’ll try snap those moments as they hit me and post them with the #BeingDadMeans tag. Please like, share, RT, reblog, etc – and don’t forget to join in and tell us your own #BeingDadMeans moments!